Students Union Main Panel

Anugrah Narayan College Student's Union are established to give voice to students and also to make sure that a particular institution is not manhandling the students, and their rights are not compromised. 

Works inside the Campus

This students union is very much active to do lots of work in favour of students inside the campus. Some plannings are :

1. Demanding for water coolers, clean washrooms and good conditions ceiling fans in different blocks.

2. Demand for giving the facility for one week self defence camp for the students.

3. Encouraging students to give their own view on different social issues in this college.

4. Conducting Youth Festival programs with the help of college administration.

5. Demanding for regular classes and extra classes for those students who have doubts on any subjective topics.

6. Organised Blood Donation Camp.

7. Demanding for well maintined Lab and Computer in different departments.

Works outside the Campus

1. Collected money for kerala flood relief camp.

2. Raising voice for Right to Education and right to quality in ground level.

3. Demanding for free education for poor childrens.

Our Council Members

Deepak Kr
Mob : 7292929494
Ravish Kr
Mob : 8804830840
Ranveer Patel
Mob : 9521736391
Shashi Kr
Mob : 9572562020
Abhishek Pratap
Mob : 8862963834
Gaurabh Singh
Mob : 9155577259
Sonu Kumar
Mob : 9852416850
Vishwas Kr
Mob : 7644974805
Amit Rana
Mob : 7780164705
Shivani Kumari
Mob : 7004393847